Through the use of specific frequencies and tactile vibrations weaved into a beautiful 4D music experience, you're guided into a meditative state of mind. Take a seat in the Zero-g chair, close your eyes and surrender to the combined power of music, haptonomic vibrations and light. This powerful combination ensures you will come out feeling deeply rested and recharged.

DURATION: 30 min | from €29,50 | AGE: 16+

Deep Rest

For profound and deep relaxation of body and brain. Specific frequencies and tactile vibrations are weaved into a beautiful 4D music experience, guiding you into a meditative state of mind. This experience helps reduce the effects of insomnia on the body and resets the nervous system for enhanced sleep quality.

The Deep Rest Brain Massage is available as a session of 30 minutes or 50 minutes. The extended version of our Deep Rest Brain Massage allows you to sink even deeper into a state of deep rest for both body and mind, creating space for mental and physical restoration.

Exclusive gift for new customers:
The Ritual of Jing Sleep Serum.

Duration: 30 min | €29,50 | Age: 16+

Deep Focus

Deep Focus is a 30-minute soundscape to help you achieve a ‘peak mental state’, a state where different parts of the brain simultaneously process information.

This session stimulates your brain to produce Gamma brain waves and will have you performing at your best mentally – with complete focus and sharpened senses. Did you know that Gamma brainwaves are regularly observed in truly experienced meditators, such as Buddhist Monks? All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the session.

Exclusive gift for new customers
The Ritual of Jing Sleep Serum.

Mind Spa

Discover a refuge of relaxation combining innovative, effective and science-based techniques with the ancient wisdom of meditation and mental stress relief.


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