Japan Knows How to Unwind

At Rituals, we are always being inspired by Japan. From life philosophy to beauty routines, the Japanese have much to teach us. And now we’d like to share another bit of wisdom from the island country: how a natural phenomenon like a volcanic site can give you a relaxed mind and beautiful skin.

Yes, you read that right. Japanese onsen—or hot springs—are Japan’s #1 secret for maintaining a gorgeous, smooth complexion as well as a calm mind. Locals are encouraged to attend an onsen up to 20 times per year, and they are a popular destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. But what makes this unique wellness ritual so beneficial to body and soul?

Think of an onsen like a huge, healthy hot tub that is packed with minerals. The temperatures can range up to 90 degrees Celsius, and the water is rich in iron, sulphur and metabolic acid, which the Japanese believe contain healing properties. The warmness of the water soothes aches and pains, and the minerals are believed to cure disease. This is why it’s not uncommon for a Japanese doctor to prescribe a long weekend at the hot springs to patients suffering from such ailments as certain skin conditions, menstrual complaints, and even diabetes.

But if you’re clean, comfortable in your skin and not a member of the Yakuza, trying an onsen might be just the ticket to help you unwind. Not only will it give you glowing skin, it will relax your muscles and your mind…and who doesn’t want that?