Meet His New Samurai-inspired Grooming Ritual

Looking good is directly related to how good you feel—and that’s why Rituals created The Ritual of Samurai collection for the man who wants to exude strength and confidence. Like the Japanese warriors that inspired it, the products are designed to help a man be groomed to perfection. The following must-read tips are part of a daily grooming ritual that will start any man’s day off right.


Face the facts of cleansing

Do you cringe when you see your partner wash his face with bar soap? We do, too. Men’s facial skin is just as sensitive as women’s, so using a harsh soap that will definitely disrupt sebum (natural oil) production and cause chronic dryness is a major misstep. Instead, he should be using a cleanser especially designed for his face. Soothing ingredients like Japanese bamboo and wakame are much better than the astringent ingredients in your typical bar of soap.


Scrub to show off that new skin

Exfoliation is key to a great skin, no matter your gender. Using a facial scrub 1-2 times a week before shaving will rid the skin of dead skin cells and make room for new ones. If he skips this step, he risks the old cells blocking his pores—and dragging a razor across clogged pores is how you get those unsightly bumps and blemishes after shaving.

An important step for the perfect shave

Another mistake some men make is dry-shaving, which nobody’s skin is suited for. Lathering up with a quality shaving cream is essential for avoiding razor burn and keeping the skin healthy. Basil and ginseng ensure a close shave with much less skin irritation.

Don’t skip the aftershave

Aftershave makes a man’s skin smell nice, but that’s far from its only function. Investing in a good aftershave can make all the difference when it comes to preventing post-shave irritation and keeping the skin properly hydrated.

Moisturising the male way

Yes, even men should use face cream. You can follow the abovementioned steps to the letter, but if you don’t make sure you lock in moisture after cleansing, scrubbing or shaving, the skin will appear dull and flaky. For younger skin, we suggest Samurai Moisturize to hydrate and create a matte finish. If he’s a bit older, a quality anti-aging cream will both moisturise and help prevent signs of aging.

So there you have it: the perfect grooming ritual in 5 simple steps. With these tips, he’ll be groomed to perfection, taking a cue from the ancient Samurai who were known for their strength and confidence.