Miracle Highlight & Glow Stick - Sunlight Miracle Highlight & Glow Stick - Sunlight

The Ritual of Cleopatra Miracle Highlight & Glow Stick - Sunlight

highlighter stick, 6.5 gr
The easy-to-use cream highlighter stick accentuates your features and illuminates the face, creating an immediate and healthy gl ... Show more


95,00 kr 190,00 kr


The ultimate skin jewellery: Sapphire symbolises devotion and loyalty, and stimulates the third eye, which is said to be responsible for strong intuition. In our make-up, Sapphire makes your eyes sparkle and shine.


Rubies stand for strength, energy, courage and passion. When used in cosmetics, they help stimulate the blood circulation to the skin, enhancing elasticity and giving it a healthier appearance.

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