The Ritual of Dao Foot Balm
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The Ritual of Dao Foot Balm


foot balm, 75 ml
Pamper tired, dry feet with foot balm from The Ritual of Dao. Featuring a revitalising natural blend of Chinese mint and yi yi ... Show more


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Chinese Mint

Mint is synonymous with freshness the world over. Its cooling and invigorating properties offer delightful refreshment after exercise. It is also beneficial when you need a clear mind, for example in times of stress.

Yi Yi Ren

Yi Yi Ren has its origins in China where it has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine due to its skin nourishing and medicinal properties.

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How to Use

Wash and dry feet before use. For optimal results, massage the foot balm into feet daily using relaxed movements

The Ritual of Dao

Invite inner peace

Achieve perfect harmony between Yin and Yang and find a moment of tranquility.

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