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Good Fortune Good Fortune Gift Set


foaming shower gel 200ml, body cream 220ml, scented candle 290gr
Evoke feelings of positivity and gratitude with our patchouli and mandarin-scented gift set. It's the perfect gift for yourself ... Show more


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What's inside this gift set?

This limited edition gift set contains a luxurious body cream, rich shower foam and a scented candle, with ingredients that will boost positivity and are thought to bring luck and good fortune into your life.

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Foaming Shower Gel

foaming shower gel, 200 ml

Why it's special

Start your day feeling positive and grateful with our patchouli and mandarin-scented shower foam that cleanses the skin and leaves it beautifully fragranced.

  • Rich & luxurious

Body Cream

body cream, 220 ml

Why it's special

Nourish skin with this limited edition luxurious body cream. Infused with pacthouli and mandarin to make you smile, it is suitable for all skin types.

  • Deeply nourishing

Scented Candle

scented candle, 290 gr

Why it's special

Scent your surroundings with the fresh and relaxing aromas of patchouli and mandarin.

  • Long-lasting fragrance

Patchouli is considered a very important ingredient in many love potions in India. This is not really surprising when you consider the sultry tones of musk and earth that conjure up something deeply sensual.


The zesty, fresh fragrance of Mandarin has an irresistibly uplifting effect on your mood. In China, the Mandarin is considered a symbol of prosperity and good luck, partly because of its intense golden orange colour.


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Our sustainable gift set boxes can be re-used as a luxury storage box - perfect for keeping photographs, letters or other items in it. All paper used is FSC certified, originating from well-managed forests with the highest environmental and social standards.

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