Accentuate your natural beauty with these make-up tips

Your friend with the perfect eyeliner. The woman working the cosmetics counter with the lips that pop. You’ve always admired their make-up, but when it comes to yourself, you don’t know where to start. No worries—let us introduce you to a make-up routine anybody can do to look and feel fabulous.

1. Start with a clean slate

A mindful make-up routine always starts with skin prep. Skin should be properly cleansed and moisturized before any cosmetics are applied. We suggest something mild like our Sensational Soft Cleanser, followed by the 24H Hydrating Gel Cream. If your skin is a bit dryer than normal, a few drops of our innovative Pure Face Oil mixed in with the cream will keep it soft, supple and ready for make-up.

2. It’s all about that base

Here’s a trade secret about foundation: you don’t need to apply it everywhere, particularly if you’re going for a more understated day look. The key is to blend it well. Take the Precious Mineral Foundation and add it to your foundation brush. Start applying it to the centre of your face and nose, then blend outward towards the ears and the chin. Use a stippling technique—tapping and blending—as you go.

3. Create an instant facelift

Highlighters give your complexion a youthful glow. Apply the Lighten Up Highlighter  under the eyes using a triangular motion, then apply a stripe on the bridge of your nose and at the cupid’s bow of your mouth. If you’re going for a more dramatic night look, feel free to highlight under the brow bone and on the tip of your chin. This creates an effect of being well-lit by studio lights wherever you go.

4. Get cheeky

Secret #2: blush helps define your cheekbones, but our Sunglow will do that and so much more. Swirl your brush into all of the colours and apply directly to the apples of your cheeks. Buff in circular motions, working backwards. Your skin will appear sun-kissed and healthy. For more ways Sunglow can enhance your look, check out our article here.

5. Work wonders on those eyelashes

We didn’t name our premium mascara Miracle 3-in-1 for nothing! The brush is the perfect size to catch all the lashes, separating them and making them appear much longer. Start at the base of your lashes and use a wiggling motion upwards for lashes you’ll love. How many coats you decide to use depends on the occasion—you can take a daytime look to night by adding another coat.

6. Line it up

Take our Miracle Eye Pencil in black and surround the upper lash line, slightly lifting the eyelid to achieve an intense colour. Don’t worry if it’s not a straight line; you will smudge it out. Follow the same pattern on the lower lash line. Take the smudge brush on the back of the pencil and run it backwards and forwards on both lines. Remember: the more you smudge, the less intense the eyeliner will be.

7. A sparkle in your eye

Our Miracle Duo Eye Shadows all contain a lighter shade and a darker shade, in a variety of colours. Select your favourite and dip your eye shadow brush into the lighter shade, then start to frame it on top of your eyeliner. Take your blending brush and start applying the darker shade to the outer corners of your eyelids, blending inward using circular motions. Do the same with the inner corners. Make sure you start in the same place each time to get a perfectly blended effect. Once you’ve reached your desired intensity, blend everything.

8. Lip service that shines

The easiest transition from a day time office to a night time look is done on the lips. Generally speaking, you can be bolder with lip colour in the evening. For a muted look at the office, we suggest using one of our Lip Shines. Start in the middle at the bow, and apply outwards. If you’re looking for a bit more drama, finish off with a Miracle Lip Gloss in a corresponding colour for lips that dazzle.

Now look in the mirror…aren’t you gorgeous? At the end of every make-up routine, make sure you step back and check your face in its entirety so that everything is blended properly. Take a moment for yourself to appreciate your look—and you’ll radiate beauty from the inside out.

Come visit us next week for a mindful make-up removal routine that will leave you fresh-faced and ready for a good night’s sleep.



Stephanie Nickens

Stephanie Nickens

Rituals’ Area Manager and make-up guru Stephanie Nickens has been working in the beauty industry for over 10 years. Previously an Operations Manager at MAC Cosmetics, Rituals is lucky to have Stephanie as an important member of our USA team. With a BS in Public Relations and Spanish from Florida A&M University, Stephanie now makes her home in New York City.