10 make-up tips every woman should know

Stephanie Nickens, Area Manager for Rituals USA, has racked up years of experience in the beauty business. We sat with her to get her top 10 make-up tips that fit in anybody’s beauty routine. Before you put your face on for the day, be sure to read this advice.


1. Lay a good foundation

Foundation is an essential make-up step. If it’s done well, you’ll radiate beauty, but if it’s done incorrectly, it can ruin your entire look. Different occasions call for different coverage. Opt for a sheer to medium coverage foundation for day-time and medium to full for night-time. Your skin should be occasion-appropriate. For a somewhat sheerer appearance to the skin, use your fingers to apply your foundation from the centre of the face outward. You can use a brush to even out the application.  For medium to full coverage, use a quality foundation brush to tap and blend into the skin. 


2. It’s a match!

Nobody wants to look like they’re wearing a mask when they do their make-up. When choosing a foundation or concealer, your best option is to apply it to a fresh face, along the jawline. It is important not to match it to the back of your hand. This is exposed to the elements and tends to be darker than the rest of your skin. If you don’t have the option to test on your face, match to the inside of your forearm. If the shade is too light, it will show a whitish/greyish hue when blended. If the shade is too dark, it will show an orange/muddy hue.

3. Know what you’re hiding

Concealer is a helpful tool for hiding unsightly dark circles under the eyes and the dreaded blemishes. But the approach is different for each. When concealing under the eyes, use the product underneath your foundation and when you’re camouflaging a pimple, use the concealer over the foundation.

4. Keep them kissable

To keep lipstick from getting flaky and wearing off, apply a base coat of moisturising lip balm before you begin your make-up routine. Give it time to seep in and then apply lipstick at the very end. You can use the lip balm again for touch-ups throughout the day.

5. Get the glow

Glow powders are a great way to give highlight and create dimension to your cheekbones and eyes.  They are a great product to carry on the go to add some radiance to a dull day. A pop of highlight in the tear duct or cheeks can make you selfie-ready at any moment. But what you may not know is that they’re one of the most versatile products on the market; read more here.

6. Sun-kissed face and beyond

If you’re feeling a bit pale, bronzers can be your best friend. A light sweeping of a bronzer against the cheeks and the frame of the face create depth and warmth to the skin. Then step back a few inches from the mirror to make sure everything is evened out. Bronzer should give a complimentary effect but should not be the focus of the skin.

7. No more clumps

Nothing ruins a spectacular eye look faster than clumpy mascara. Choose one that gives you the length, volume and curl that you desire, then start at the base of the lash, zigzagging your way upwards. This separates the lashes and makes them appear longer and clump-free. TIP: try not to pump your mascara, that is an old trend that actually dries out your tube faster. Instead, dot the excess mascara off on the rim of the tube.

8. Rock a red lip

Always wanted to wear red lipstick but afraid your complexion can’t handle it? The secret is out now: anybody can wear red, as long as they select the right shade that corresponds with their warm or cool undertones. To learn more, click here.

9. Cake is for birthdays

When you apply too much face powder, your skin can take on a dry, cakey appearance. Not the look anybody is going for! Instead, sweep it where you are shiniest first—probably your T-zone—and do a very light dusting of face powder everywhere else.

10. The eyes have it

For a classic eye, use three shades of eyeshadow. First a light base colour over the lid, a medium shade in the crease and outer lid to create depth, and finally, a darker liner shade to frame the lid and create focus to the eyes.

Feeling like a make-up pro yet? For some more advice and video tutorials, check out Rituals’ six signature make-up looks here. Accentuate the beauty you were born with and express yourself with a mindful make-up routine.