Private Collection Cartridge Sweet Jasmine


cartridge, 30 ml
A perfume cartridge designed for use with the remotely-controlled Perfume Genie. Place this cartridge in your perfume machine to ... Show more


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Jasmine is so much more than its sweet romantic scent suggests. It helps you relax and its perfume colors your life with a sense of calmness.

How to Use

This perfume diffuser provides a unique fragrance experience and perfumes your home at times set by you. Step 1: twist and open the cap of the perfume filled glass bottle. Step 2: remove the seal from the plastic component. Step 3: put the plastic component on top of the glass bottle and twist untill firmly closed. When installing the cartridge make sure to place it with the black base down and fit it into the groove. There is a white sticker on the base of the cartridge, this is the chip, please make sure this is intact. Do not remove the sticker.