Natural formula

The Ritual of Namaste Natural Deodorant


deodorant stick, 75 ml
Neutralise odours and stay fresh and comfortable with The Ritual of Namaste Deodorant Stick with ingredients from natural origin ... Show more

Shea Butter

For hundreds of years, the people of Central Africa have made use of the nurturing and healing properties of Shea Butter. It stimulates healing processes, makes your skin and lips soft and supple, and protects them from drying out.

Indian Rose

As a universal symbol of purity and love, the sweet and delicate aroma of the rose evokes positive feelings. Its aroma also has soothing properties. It is all you need to boost your mood! The refined aroma of Indian Rose also has a positive effect on your skin!

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How to Use

Gently apply a small amount to underarms. Store in a cool place.