The Ritual of Samurai Anti-Perspirant Spray 50ml

The Ritual of Samurai Classic - Anti-Perspirant Spray 50ml


anti-perspirant spray, 50 ml
The most empowering anti-perspirant on the market, it keeps you cool, calm and collected with the scent of soothing bamboo extra ... Show more
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Bamboo symbolises many formidable qualities like determination, flexibility, and strength. Bamboo nourishes the skin, is ideal for exfoliation and has a bright, fresh scent.


Sandalwood is considered a sacred ingredient in many ancient cultures and is prized for its masculine, woody scent. It symbolises the stimulation of consciousness.

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The Ritual of Samurai

Groomed to perfection

Unleash your inner warrior and prepare yourself to conquer any challenge.

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