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Serendipity Travel Eau de Parfum


travel eau de parfum, 15 ml
Delight in the fragrance of this unexpected winter bliss inspired by the occurrence of serendipity, or finding something good wi ... Show more
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Iced Pear

Pear trees are native to the coastal and temperate regions of Western Europe, North East Africa and Asia. The juicy and crunchy green note of the ripe pear reveals a delicious and luminous freshness with sweet accents.


"Monoï" is a Tahitian word meaning "scented oil". It is born from the maceration of fresh flowers of tiare in coconut oil. Monoï adds a solar touch to the fragrance through its floral, sweet and creamy notes.

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How to Use

Dab onto your pulse points, such as behind your ears, on your wrists, inside your elbows and at the bottom of your throat. Let the fragrance air dry, do not rub as this will change the scent.


Experience unexpected joy

Surrender to the soul-warming energy of this new collection, specially designed to nourish body and soul with a blend of opulent oils.

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