Spring Skin: 5 ways to update your routine

Spring is the season of possibility, a time of rebirth when nature awakens from its winter hibernation. Now is the perfect time to look to your skin as it also emerges from its seasonal slumber. Where winter is all about rich, pampering skincare formulas, your spring routine should work energetically to boost your complexion’s radiance with lightweight, glow-boosting textures. 


Below we reveal how to update your skincare routine for spring in 5 simple, yet highly effective, steps.


Spring Skin Tip #1: Go For the Glow Up

The fastest way to get your skin glowing is to exfoliate. Not only does a gentle skin-sloughing session remove dulling dead cells, but it also leaves your complexion smoother so light reflects better. Another benefit of exfoliating? It clears the way so the products you apply after can sink in more effectively, essentially supercharging your serums and moisturisers.


Spring Skin Tip #2: Hydrate 365

In the winter, when the sub-zero temperatures send complexions into turmoil, and again in summer when our skin has to deal with the sweat-triggering heat, we know to hydrate. But, don’t wait for your skin to look and feel parched—start now. Hydrated cells work more efficiently so it’s important to quench skin from the inside-out by drinking water, and from the outside-in by leaning on hydration-boosting skincare.


If drinking water is a chore, try infusing your H20 with fresh fruit and herbs—think berries, citrus slices, mint or basil. Then look to skincare that contains humectants, these are ingredients like glycerin and hyaluronic acid that draw moisture into the skin. The Ritual of Namasté Hydrating Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask boasts hyaluronic acid, alongside soothing aloe vera to leave skin feeling refreshed and looking dewy.


Spring Skin Tip #3: Energise Your Complexion

Facial massage, tapping and reflexology are incredibly powerful tools that you can lean on to rejuvenate the look and feel of your complexion. And all you need is your hands and a little face oil to provide slip. Whether you want to relieve puffiness, soften the look of fine lines or whisk away unwanted tension in the face, take a few minutes out every morning or evening to massage your skincare into your face. It isn’t just great for the look and feel of your complexion, but it acts as a moment of relaxing self-care that’s well worth factoring into your day.


Spring Skin Tip #4: Protect Yourself

Spring signals the start of longer, sunnier days but it’s also a time when skin-damaging UV rays start to strengthen. Every spring we get those days where the sun is strong and the temperature is pleasant—not too hot, not too cool— but it’s also when we’re more likely to get burned. The best way to combat the ageing UVA rays and the UVB rays responsible for sunburn is to get into the habit of using a broad-spectrum SPF every day. Be sure to apply it to your face, but also any areas on show, like your neck or the backs of your hands. Make sure it’s at least SPF 30 and you’ll be protected whatever the weather.


Spring Skin Tip #5: Live Well

At Rituals, we believe in taking a holistic approach to our skincare routines. Be mindful as you traverse your day—eat a diet rich in colour and nutrients where you can, factor in regular exercise that you look forward to (rather than dread) and take moments out to relax, whether it’s a 20-minute meditation or a chapter of a book. Stitching all these elements together, where you can, will help to reduce stress and strain that can show up on your skin. We’re only human, somedays you’ll ace all areas, other days you’ll only be able to tread water and that’s okay. Do what you can to lead a healthy lifestyle and your complexion will thank you.