A grounding and balancing Ayurvedic meditation

Our practice today is inspired by the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda. Simply translated as "knowledge of life", Ayurveda (in Sanskrit "Ayur" means "life" and "Veda" means "knowledge") is an ancient Indian holistic philosophy that reveals how to live a healthy life and achieve more through a deep connection of mind and body. It supports your health and wellbeing by focusing on cleansing and nourishing your energy. With this meditation, take a moment for yourself to turn inwards and observe how your nervous system calms down. Leaving you feeling grounded and with a peaceful state of mind.


At the heart of Ayurveda is you, the individual, and your unique set of physical, mental and spiritual characteristics. These are called doshas in Ayurveda. During this meditation I will guide you through the essence of Ayurveda: knowing that everything you need is already there. That you have all different qualities within you that you can draw on at different times of need.


These days, we tend to tune in too much with the outside world. Losing track of ourselves and how to feel grounded, rooted in yourself. This practice will help you turn inwards, tuning in with yourself, especially during in times of change. Changes that you can or can’t influence, like the weather or seasons. Simply close your eyes, get comfortable and listen. Because when we are able to really listen and feel what is needed, we’ll get back in tune with our own nature. Let’s embrace that feeling of being more in balance and calm together.


Anouk Ballering

Anouk Ballering

Anouk Ballering is a storyteller at heart with 5 years of experience in PR. By creating stories and activations that are relatable and relevant she has revealed the soul of luxurious lifestyle brands including the W Hotel, VICE, de Bijenkorf and Timberland. When she is not doing HIIT or Rocycle, you can find her on a yoga mat. She is passionate about yoga and living mindfully, because she believes that we all need some well-deserved balance in our lives to be the best version of ourselves.