The Ritual of Dao Organic Tea

The Ritual of Dao Organic Tea

Dao tea, 50 gr
Enjoy some calm in a cup with this organic, relaxing herbal tea enriched with liquorice root and star anise. Specially selected ... Show more

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Licorice, derived from the root of Glycyrrhiza glabra, has a sweet flavour that is used in a number of foods and teas.

Star Anise

Native to northeast Vietnam and southwest China, star anise is a small, star-shaped fruit with one seed in each arm. Sweet and liquorice-like, it is a key ingredient in Chinese Five-Spice, a staple in Chinese cuisine. Containing antibacterial properties, it has been used throughout history in fall and winter purification ceremonies and is said to stimulate your intuition.

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How to Use

Boil fresh water. Let the tea steep for up to 6 minutes to unfold its natural flavour.

The Ritual of Dao

Invite inner peace

Achieve perfect harmony between Yin and Yang and find a moment of tranquility.

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