The Ritual of Jing Calming Collection


foaming shower gel 200ml, dry oil body & hair 100ml, hand mask 70ml, mini fragrance sticks 50ml
You can relax and unwind as you start your day or prepare for bed with these caring products enriched with jujube and white lotu ... Show more
Product value HK$540.00
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What's inside this gift set?

Uncover your path to inner peace with soothing jujube, fragrant white lotus and sleep-enhancing lavender – it's the Calming Collection!

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Foaming Shower Gel

body wash, 200 ml

Why it's special

A rich, soothing foam with a relaxing fragrance for a pleasant and soft cleansing. Combines the relaxing and nourishing properties of white lotus and the soothing effect of jujube.

  • Calming
  • Rich & luxurious

Hand Mask

hand mask, 70 ml

Why it's special

Enriched with sandalwood and lavender to help clear the mind and promote the quality of sleep, this hand mask was specially developed to soothe and soften rough, dry hands, and nourish your cuticles.

  • Calming

Dry Oil

dry oil body & hair, 100 ml

Why it's special

Enriched with lavender and sandalwood, this rich, dry oil nourishes the skin and is quickly absorbed. Perfect for use on body and hair.

  • Calming
  • Rich & Nourishing
Sacred Lotus

Lotus flowers thrive in calm, muddy waters and are con-sidered a symbol of purity and spiritual growth in the Far East, well known for their soothing properties. As the white fragrant flowers open up at sunrise and close at sunset, the white lotus is also a symbol of peace.


In Traditional Chinese medicine, jujube seeds are used to reduce stress and to produce a calm state of mind.


Mini Fragrance Sticks

mini reed diffuser, 50 ml

Why it's special

A mini variant of our fragrance sticks, perfect for small rooms in your house. Fragranced with jujube and white lotus for a relaxing effect on body and soul.

  • Calming
  • Long-lasting fragrance

Wrapped in luxury

All beautifully packaged in a keepsake box

With a product value of HK$540.00 - yours for HK$515.00

Our sustainable gift set boxes can be re-used as a luxury storage box - perfect for keeping photographs, letters or other items in it. All paper used is FSC certified, originating from well-managed forests with the highest environmental and social standards.

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