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The Ritual of Namaste Hyaluronic Acid Natural Booster


natural booster serum, 20 ml
Infuse the delicate skin of your face and neck with an instant surge of hydration for plumper and softer looking skin. The Ritua ... Show more
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Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid has excellent and long-lasting moisturising properties which help to protect and restore the natural moisture balance of the skin. As a moisture binder naturally present in the skin, hyaluronic acid can draw moisture from the air to replenish and hold cell moisture. When used in a topical treatment, it quickly sinks into the skin to hydrate and plump it up, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

How to Use

Once or twice a day, smooth about 4-5 drops onto a clean face and neck. Follow with your favourite skincare routine, such as your The Ritual of Namaste serum and moisturiser.