Natural formula

The Ritual of Namaste Natural Nourishing Shower Cream


shower cream, 250 ml
Nourish the skin with The Ritual of Namaste Shower Cream. This innovative shower cream creates a soft foaming sensation that tre ... Show more


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Vitamin E

Vitamin E is one of the better-known natural vitamins derived from vegetable oils with strong antioxidizing effects. Vitamin E helps to remove free radicals and has a moisturising effect on the lips.

Sweet Almond Oil

This aromatic oil is rich in proteins and vitamins and is also mild, nourishing, and soothing. Sweet Almond Oil is said to regulate the moisture balance of your skin. The oil forms an excellent base for a body and massage oil.

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How to Use

Apply the cream onto damp skin and massage gently with upward, sweeping motions until it becomes a velvety, soft foam. Rinse off in the shower.