The Ritual of Sakura Renewing Ceremony


Celebrate each day as a new beginning with these care products based on the fabulous aromas of cherry blossom and rice milk. Thi ... Show more
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Our 6 Renewing Favourites

What's inside this gift set?

Feel rejuvenated and experience each day like it's a new beginning with cherry blossom and rice milk – this is the Renewing Ceremony.

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Foaming Shower Gel

body wash, 200 ml

Why it's special

A rich, soothing foam with a rejuvenating and long-lasting fragrance for a pleasant and soft cleansing. Combines the delicate scent of cherry blossom and rice milk.

  • Renewing
  • Rich & luxurious

Body Cream

body cream, 200 ml

Why it's special

A wonderfully rich body cream, combining nourishing rice milk and cherry blossom, that leaves your skin feeling silky soft to the touch.

  • Renewing
  • Deeply nourishing

Hair & Body Mist

hair & body mist, 50 ml

Why it's special

Rejuvenate body, mind and soul with the beautiful aroma of cherry blossoms and rice milk. The alcohol-free formula is ideal for use on sensitive skin and will not stain textiles.

  • Renewing
  • Long-lasting fragrance

Sugar Body Polish

sugar body polish, 250 gr

Why it's special

Awaken your skin with our 91% natural-origin sugar scrub. Cherry exfoliant removes dry skin cells and stimulates skin cell renewal. The Japanese oils nourish the skin for a radiant and healthy glow.

  • Renewing
  • Exfoliating
Cherry Blossom

The fragile blossoms of the Sakura tree (Japanese cherry) are often described as spring snow by Japanese poets. For the Japanese, Cherry Blossom has symbolised the rebirth of nature and purity since ancient times. The delicate fragrance is wonderfully relaxing.

Rice Milk

Throughout Asia, rice is a symbol of abundance, happiness, and fertility. Rice Milk extract makes your skin soft and supple, and gives it a healthy glow.


Hand Wash

hand soap, 300 ml

Why it's special

Enriched with rice milk and cherry blossom, the soap-free formula both hydrates and protects your hands

  • Renewing
  • Cleansing

Scented Candle

scented candle, 290 gr

Why it's special

Rejuvenate body, mind and soul with the delicately floral fragrance of cherry blossoms and rice milk. The candle lasts for up to 50 hours.

  • Renewing
  • Long-lasting fragrance

Wrapped in luxury

All beautifully packaged in a keepsake box

With a product value of 85,00 € - yours for 69,90 €

Our sustainable gift set boxes can be re-used as a luxury storage box - perfect for keeping photographs, letters or other items in it. All paper used is FSC certified, originating from well-managed forests with the highest environmental and social standards.

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