We carefully consider our ingredient selection, every step of the way, to ensure there's nothing in our formulas there shouldn't be.


Did you know that all our body creams, face, lip and hand care products already contain over 90% ingredients from natural origin?*.

We aim to use as many ingredients of natural origin as possible. In only a few cases, we choose lab made alternatives when it’s more environmentally friendly or necessary for product safety and usability. By 2023, all our cosmetics and personal care products will be of >90% natural origin.


Naturally, in addition to being natural, we also make every effort to ensure our products really do what they promise.

You’ll find only effective ingredients in our formulas that are beneficial to your skin and support the functionality of the formula. All our cosmetics and personal care products are dermatologically tested by independent institutes with high results.

"Definitely not on animals,
but on happy and excited adult volunteers."


Transparency is key in all our actions, from ingredient selection to testing. We consciously select each and every ingredient in our formulas, believing what is included is just as important as what isn't. Read more about the responsible ingredients choices we make.

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