Private Collection Cartridge Cotton Blossom


cartridge, 30 ml
Infuse your home with a warm fragrance whenever you want by using your device to remotely control your Perfume Genie. Evoking a ... Show more


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Cotton Flower

The cotton flower evokes a sense of fresh, natural surroundings – for ultimate peace of mind. It’s no surprise this delicate, soft, and powdery fragrance provides a calming and tranquil touch. Meant to cherish the people closest to you, and in some cultures this stunning flower even symbolises a promise of wealth and wellbeing.

How to Use

This perfume diffuser provides a unique fragrance experience and perfumes your home at times set by you. Step 1: twist and open the cap of the perfume filled glass bottle. Step 2: remove the seal from the plastic component. Step 3: put the plastic component on top of the glass bottle and twist untill firmly closed.