Elixir Collection The Ritual of Samurai Shampoo


Elixir Collection The Ritual of Samurai Shampoo

The Hair Temple Elixir Collection Samurai Shampoo


shampoo, 230 ml
Your haircare should be unique, just like you and your hair. At The Hair Temple, choose 2 concentrated elixirs that meet your sp ... Show more


Shampoo & Conditioner = €30

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Japanese Mint

Mint is synonymous with freshness the world over. Its cooling and invigorating properties offer delightful refreshment after exercise. It also has beneficial qualities when you need a clear mind, for example in times of stress. The fragrance of Japanese Mint is more refined and smoother than that of peppermint.

How to Use

Start your personalised cleansing routine by massaging a small amount into wet hair, focusing on roots, then rinse.