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Good Fortune Fragrance Sticks


fragrance sticks, 250 ml
These fragrance sticks are a natural and stylish way to beautifully fragrance your home. Once you've placed the sticks into the ... Show more


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Patchouli is considered a very important ingredient in many love potions in India. This is not really surprising when you consider the sultry tones of musk and earth that conjure up something deeply sensual.


The zesty, fresh fragrance of Mandarin has an irresistibly uplifting effect on your mood. In China, the Mandarin is considered a symbol of prosperity and good luck, partly because of its intense golden orange colour.

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How to Use

Place the sticks into the bottle. It’s not necessary to turn them over for a fragrant experience, though it’s recommended if you prefer a more intense one. Turning them may affect how long they last. Wash hands with soap & water if you touch the liquid.