Private Collection Cartridge Green Cardamom


cartridge, 30 ml
Keep enjoying the ride with these 2 car perfume refill packs based on crisp dark red fruits blended with sparkling grapefruit. W ... Show more


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Green Cardamom

Cardamom is one of the world’s very ancient spices and was already used in incense and perfumes in ancient Egyptian times. Think woods, spices and sweetness and you touch the essence of Cardamom.

How to Use

1) Remove the grid from the back of the car perfume holder 2) Remove the empty fragrance membrane from the holder 3) Place the new fragrance membrane in the holder with the aluminium side upwards, pull the aluminium strip through the opening of the grid and clamp the grid to the holder 4) Carefully remove the foil without damaging the membrane 5) Click the clip onto the holder in the preferred position 6) Click the holder onto your car’s fan 7) Adjust the fan speed to regulate the intensity of the fragrance