Meet the purifying properties of The Ritual of Banyu


Water is the driving force behind all life. Every day, we drink water and use it to wash ourselves--but we might just be taking it for granted. Actually, we should be honouring water as our largest source of energy, purity and clarity.


Honouring water, the essence of life

The Ritual of Banyu is based on Banyu Pinaruh, a cleansing ceremony performed on the Indonesian island of Bali. It is a traditional rite that refreshes body and soul while cleansing and purifying them. During Banyu Pinaruh, locals and tourists alike flock to the Balinese beaches during sunrise to bathe. By engaging in this yearly ceremony, people honour the powers of water. They wash themselves in the ocean, a river or a lake, symbolically washing away their sins in order to start again with a clean slate. We actually do the same: every time we take a shower or a bath, we wash away the spiritual and physical dust of everyday life.  


Purifying, refreshing and detoxifying

With The Ritual of Banyu, we want to inspire you to be mindful of these moments and make them more meaningful. The new limited edition collection is composed of ingredients like giant kelp and Bali sea salt. Giant kelp is packed with antioxidants and vitamins and has a softening and hydrating effect on the skin. Bali sea salt, very rich in minerals and nutrients, has a threefold effect on skin. It exfoliates the skin while repairing it and detoxifying it, all at the same time. Alongside this, sea salt has enormous purifying power and wards off negative energy.


Wash away your daily worries in 5 steps


1. Cleanse yourself from the inside out
Make sure you drink enough water every day.

2. Start the day fresh
Continue your cleansing routine with The Ritual of Banyu Splash Mask, which refreshes, hydrates and adds radiance to your skin in seconds.

3. Revitalise your skin
Prepare yourself for a new day by washing everything the day’s (or night’s) worries away with our foaming shower gel.

4. Remove dead skin cells
The Ritual of Banyu body scrub is rich in Bali sea salt, which removes dead skin cells and makes room for new ones—making your skin feel even softer. 

5. Hydrate and nourish your skin
Care for your skin after a shower or bath with the hydrating body cream, containing the nurturing and mineral-rich ingredient of giant kelp.

In short, with The Ritual of Banyu, we honour the power of water.  We encourage you to use this gift wisely while drinking or showering. Don’t waste it; use it with intent.