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The Legend of the Dragon Body Cream


body cream, 220 ml
A moisturising plum and cedar wood-scented formula that treats your senses and your skin, The Legend of the Dragon body cream wi ... Show more
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For centuries, plum has been revered for its luxurious aroma and nourishing properties. The sweet and fruity notes of this coveted fruit are expertly blended with other fragrant ingredients to create a harmonious blend that is both refreshing and sophisticated. Plum is known for its high concentration of vitamins and antioxidants, which help protect and nourish the skin. With its rich symbolism of longevity and vitality. Plum is not just a fruit, but a cultural icon that embodies the wisdom and traditions of ancient China. 

Cedar Wood

The oil derived from the majestic cedar tree is known to help soothe the body and mind. This pure, aromatic essential oil of cedar has a stimulating woody fragrance, which helps to brighten and energise your soul.

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How to Use

Apply this rich cream to the skin and massage into the whole body. Use after The Legend of the Dragon shower foam and body scrub. Don't rinse off.