The Ritual of Ayurveda - Cartridge

perfume diffuser refill

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  • Description

    A perfume cartridge designed for use with the perfume machine

    Place this cartridge in your perfume machine to give your home a gorgeous fragrance

    A combination of the old Ayurvedic ingredients Sweet Almond Oil, the perfect skin softener, and Indian Rose, for a relaxed effect on mind and body.

    The cartridge provides you 270 parfume hours. This cartridge will last for about 3 months

    The cartridges are available in the following fragrances: Ayurveda, Dao, Hammam, Happy Buddha, Sakura and Spring
  • Contents

    30 ml
  • Ingredients

    Geraniol,Methylenedioxy-Me-Hydrocinnamald,Linalool,Formyl-Dimethylcyclohexene,3- Methylcyclopentadecenone,Rose Ketone,Methyl Ionone, Alpha-Iso-,Cyclopentadecanolide,Anisyl Propanal, Acetyltetramethyloctaline, Trimethylcyclohexylhexanol, Citronellol,Boisambrene, Nerol,Rhub oflor,Geranyl Acetate,Carvone,Butylcyclohexyl Acetate,T-4-.
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Indian Rose

As a universal symbol of purity and love, the sweet and delicate aroma of the rose evokes positive feelings. Its aroma also has soothing properties. It is all you need to boost your mood! The refined aroma of Indian Rose also has a positive effect on your skin!

Sweet Almond Oil

This aromatic oil is rich in proteins and vitamins and is also mild, nourishing, and soothing. Sweet Almond Oil is said to regulate the moisture balance of your skin. The oil forms an excellent base for a body and massage oil.

The Ritual of Ayurveda