The Ritual of Namasté Anti-Aging Serum The Ritual of Namasté Anti-Aging Serum

The Ritual of Namasté Anti-Aging Serum

Get your glow on and fight the first signs of aging day and night with this serum from The Ritual of Namasté. Restore your skin' ... Show more

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The use of the saffron goes back to the most distant Antiquity. Saffron was used as a spice by the Hebrew people, then as a dye and a cosmetic in Egyptian culture, and as incense, aphrodisiac, perfume, and medicine for the Romans. The saffron note is spicy, warm, powdery and very powerful with leathery-suede and hay accents.

Holy Lotus

Holy lotus is a symbol of purity, beauty and wisdom and is known for its soothing and caring properties.

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