Explore the world of chakras

When you need to heal yourself, yoga has many tools to enhance the quality of your life. If the way you perceive the world is creating suffering and your emotions are confusing, your chakra system is here to help and heal you.

What are chakras, exactly?

Chakras can be mysterious, but they don’t have to be. The chakra system is made up of seven key points along your spine that run on autopilot. These spinning wheels contract and expand based on how you were programmed to love, visualize and value yourself. The chakras are your owner’s manual to understanding where to place your hands on your body when:

  • you feel unsafe
  • you need to stop overanalyzing
  • you feel isolated and alone

Align your chakras and align with your dreams

It's important to know how your chakra system is running because this system does everything it can to keep you in alignment with how it is programmed. Knowing that your body is innately working towards this alignment, you still need to locate and release what is no longer serving you. In times of doubt, you should think of your chakras as the path to cultivate courage, fearlessness and willingness to hold space for your dreams and visions.

Seven worlds of healing

In order to heal through the chakra system, you first need to learn the seven different worlds each chakra inhabits. These worlds will influence how you strategize thinking, emote feelings and bring artistic creations into the world. For each world, there is a corresponding location on the body. All seven worlds of the chakra system also involve an associated sensation and an emotional scale on how to work with your behaviors.

A map to your chakra system

When you are looking for new direction, use this in-depth, yet accessible reference guide. Spend a few minutes in your journal contemplating the questions associated with each chakra. Even if the answer is not clear, trust that there is a place in your body that knows. This capacity to shift your experience into your own source can change the way you look and feel.


  1. Location - base of your spine, legs, and feet
  2. Sensation - Earth, Solidify the I AM.
  3. Scale - Lost to Grounded.
  4. Could I slow down? Where am I going boundless? What is ok and not ok? What is healthy and not healthy? Do I need to set an energetic boundary to feel more alive? Can I trust myself and the stand I wish to take? Are there memories or acts in my past that are holding me back? Is there an old resentment that I could put to rest?


  1. Location - below the navel, belly, hips
  2. Sensation - Water, Deepen the I FEEL.
  3. Scale - Stuck in perfectionism to Fluid Flow.
  4. How can I accept and nurture what I feel? Do I explode or express? Can I learn to transition with grace? Am I refusing to move forward? Is there a pattern in my family traits that I need to evolve? What would it feel like to tap into my intuition?


  1. Location - ribs, solar plexus, core
  2. Sensation - Fire, Centered in I CAN.
  3. Scale - Victim to Leader
  4. Am I thinking poorly of myself? Can I let go of the feeling of weakness, unworthiness, inadequacy? Am I looking outside of myself for approval or validation? How do I access and attain my value? How do I define and redefine my purpose and mission? Am I choosing or am I giving that power over to someone else?


  1. Location - heart, chest, upper spine, shoulders, arms, hands
  2. Sensation - Air, Warm with I LOVE.
  3. Scale – Unlovable to Belonging.
  4. Can I generate my own love? Can I ask for entry into my own superabundant heart? Can I see the highest levels in others’ behaviors? Do I understand the value of forgiveness and compassion? What role does empathy play here?


  1. Location - throat, ears, mouth
  2. Sensation - Sound, Listen while I SPEAK
  3. Scale - A Lump in the Throat to Freedom of Speech
  4. How do I say what needs to be said? What role does gossip and judgment play in my conversations? How do I soften before I speak? How do I voice my truth? With my ears open, can I channel higher messages and shape a story that will make an impact on society? Do I dare speak up for someone who doesn't have a voice?


  1. Location - center of your brain, pineal gland
  2. Sensation - Light, Design what I SEE
  3. Scale - Blocked Vision to Commanding
  4. What is my current reality? Am I open to bigger visions and dreams? How is my perception creating more suffering? Can a shift in my attitude alleviate my pain?



  1. Location - crown of your head, aura of light
  2. Sensation - Silence, Accept what I KNOW
  3. Scale - Alone to One with all
  4. Can I cultivate a vibrancy in my presence that can uplift an entire room? Am I open to the pursuit of magic? Do I believe in miracles? Can I feel the guidance and love raining down on me? How do I connect to something much larger than myself?

Now that you have a comprehensive understanding of your chakra system, you will find that the key to emotional healing is actually in your own hands. Take this wisdom with you wherever you go, and you have the ability to always feel grounded and more at peace with yourself. Namasté.