Every day can be the start of a new beginning

Inspired by the annual ceremony of Hanami in Japan, The Ritual of Sakura collection helps you to celebrate each day as a new beginning. Infused with the delicate scent of cherry blossom and enriched with organic rice milk, this collection looks to the Sakura—or cherry blossom—as a symbol of renewal.


The Japanese compare the beauty of the Sakura to life itself: because like life, its beauty is short-lived, precious, and meant to be enjoyed to the fullest. To help you discover the ultimate Sakura experience try these five delightful steps and start celebrating each day as a new beginning.


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1. Body Scrub

The body scrub contains a luxury combination of organic sugar and wonderfully softening oils. The scrub has been especially developed to nourish and revitalise even the driest of skin. Massage the body scrub into damp skin using a rotating motion. Rinse off with warm water. Use the body scrub once or twice a week for a soft and glowing skin.

2. Foaming shower gel

After the body scrub, use the foaming shower gel for a rich and fragrant sensation. Squeeze a small amount of gel into your hand. When it comes into contact with water, the gel will transform into a delightful foam. Massage the foaming shower gel into damp skin and rinse off with warm water.

3. Body cream

Layer your scent experience with the body cream. Its special whipped consistency makes it easy to apply and easily absorbed by the skin. It leaves the skin beautifully moisturised, without creating a sticky residue.

4. Bed and Body Mist

The next step in your celebration is the bed and body mist. Spray this renewing scent on your skin or in your surroundings and drift away to a fragrant field of cherry blossoms.

5. Hand balm

The final step in The Ritual of Sakura is ensuring that your hands receive as much attention and care as the rest of your body. The Hand Balm SPF 15 is specially developed to soothe and soften dry hands while also protecting them against the sun and aging. And just like the rest of the product range, the balm contains the fresh fragrance synonymous with Sakura.

With these five steps, we’re confident that you can go out in the world feeling refreshed, renewed and able to celebrate each day as a new beginning.