Your New Mindful Face-Cleansing Ritual

After a long day, it’s important to find a moment of peace to help you unwind. Easing a face cleansing ritual into your routine is one of the best ways to relax, with the added bonus that it keeps you from falling asleep with your make-up on. By properly cleansing your face, you also rid your skin of environmental impurities. Here’s how to makes sure you wake up as energetic and fresh-faced as possible.  


Remove your make-up

Going to sleep without removing your mascara is not ideal; your eyes are more likely to get infected and it can cause your eyelashes to break. Shake the Mild Eye Make-up Remover and squeeze some on a cotton pad. Press the cotton pad on your eyes for ten seconds to soften the mascara, and gently rub your eyes clean.

Sensational Soft Cleanser is the perfect solution for the rest of your face and neck. This magical cleansing gel melts into a soft oil when applied to dry skin. Using a flannel, remove the rest of your make-up.


Clean the day from your skin

Make-up isn’t the only cause of clogged pores; during the day your skin is exposed to other external impurities. So, it’s important to give your pores a deep cleanse with our Creamy Foam Cleanser. Layer the soft cream onto your damp face and neck. Gently massage the cream into your skin, turning it into foam. Rinse with lukewarm water and softly pat your face dry with a towel.



Make room for new growth

Removing dead skin cells stops them from accumulating, and gets rid of dull, rough and dry skin. Unwanted skin cells also clog the pores, leaving behind spots that are never welcome. It’s therefore important to exfoliate. Although the other cleansing rituals can be done daily, dermatologists say it’s best to exfoliate your skin once or twice a week. We suggest our Brightening Face Exfoliator to stimulate healthy cell growth. Apply the scrub to damp face and neck and softly massage your skin. Afterwards, rinse your face with lukewarm water.

Keep it toned

This is probably the least well-known ritual in this list, so it’s likely that you’ve skipped this step in the past. Toner has two important roles: it restores the acidity level of the skin which is often disturbed by soap products, and it makes sure the pores contract to protect your skin against impurities. It’s best to apply the toner to damp skin, when the pores are still open. Choose between our Refreshing Toner or Ultra Calming Facial Toner to perfect your skin care ritual.

Hydration: the big finale

Now that your skin has been completely cleansed, there’s one last thing to remember: hydrate! For younger skin, we recommend using the Moisture Recovery Night Cream. It’s infused with botanical extracts, and has an instant hydrating effect. The Sensitive Skin Night Cream is best for those who are prone to breakouts. This cream consists of calming botanical extracts and is enriched with aloe vera. For those with mature skin, it’s important to add an anti-aging element to the skin cleansing ritual; Rich Restoring Night Cream will do the trick. 

Want to add something extra? Apply 3-5 droplets of intense hydrating and anti-aging Pure Face Oil to your face. Softly massage the oil into the skin, dividing it evenly. Then apply your night cream. You can also enrich your day or night cream by adding a few droplets of oil to the cream an mixing it in the palm of your hand.

There you have it: your own nightly face-cleansing ritual. Start tonight, and it won’t be long before you wake up with the radiant complexion you’ve always wanted.