Wonderful ways to use our body mists

The beauty of scent enriches our day to day lives, and to be able to spray every inspiring Rituals fragrance wherever and whenever is a wonderful benefit of our bed & body mists. In addition to wearing it as a perfume, we’ve uncovered some special ways this versatile product can add a little more meaning and peace into your life.


1. Sleep warm and scented

Want to enjoy your bed & body mist while you sleep? Here’s a hint: spritz some relaxing bed & body mist (The Ritual of Dao, for example) onto your bed linens and then tumble dry them. This will infuse them with a calming fragrance that you can enjoy all night.


2. Refresh your wardrobe

Spent a night out at a restaurant or another environment that has left your clothes a bit smelly? Leave the garment outside to air out and then spray it with some bed & body mist before returning it to your closet. The formula is safe for all textiles and will not stain.


3. Revitalize while you vacuum

If you spray your favourite Rituals bed & body mist on a cotton ball (never spray directly on or in the vacuum, as this may cause damage) and then vacuum it up, the scent will spread throughout your house as you clean. It will also give you a little pick-me-up when doing your chores.


4. A present with perfume

Gift-giving is a custom designed to make somebody feel special. Imagine how your friend or loved one will feel when they start unwrapping their present and are suddenly surrounded by their favourite Rituals fragrance. If you spray a bit of bed & body mist inside the wrapping paper, it gives the experience an extra bit of meaning, and that attention to detail shows how much you really care.


5. Rituals on wheels

While our car perfume keeps your vehicle smelling fresh and homey over time, sometimes things happen that require a fragrance boost. Our bed & body mist is safe for the interior, and can give the environment a quick refreshing when accidents happen.


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