The importance of Make-up Rituals

When you sit down to do your make-up in the morning, chances are that you’re doing it on autopilot. You have the steps down perfectly, you know exactly how much time each one takes and also what result you’ll get. In this way, applying your make-up is just another chore to be completed during your busy day. This is a shame, however, because taking those ten or fifteen minutes to appreciate this daily regmin can have a positive effect on your entire day.

Make-up and me-time

Looking at your image in the mirror is not only a literal time for reflection, but can also be a metaphorical one. Rather than hurriedly and distractedly putting on mascara, slow down and appreciate the beauty you radiate inside and out. You are dedicating time to yourself, so why not turn this everyday routine into a meditation?

Put some relaxing music on, breathe deeply and remind yourself that you are beautiful before and after your make-up is applied. You are taking the time to accentuate your appearance because you care about yourself and the impression that you make out in the world. Affirmations like this will help you focus on positive things and better prepare yourself for the coming day.

Express yourself

Another way you can transform your make-up routine into a meaningful habit is by using it as an opportunity for self-expression. Think of your make-up brush like an artist’s brush, and use colour and shading as a creative outlet. Learn new techniques that enhance your eyes, cheekbones and lips in a way that makes you feel empowered and fuels your creativity.

Feeling a bit more daring on a Wednesday morning? Use the lipstick that’s been sitting in the drawer because you’ve since been too timid to wear it—you’ll be using your make-up to signal how you’re feeling on the inside.

Exude confidence and attract love

A recent study conducted by Fordham University in the United States has determined that a woman’s daily make-up routine can enhance her emotional state and therefore make her more attractive to potential partners. The logic follows that when you’re pleased with your appearance, you’re more easily pleased with other aspects of yourself, which creates an air of confidence. Confidence is a universally attractive trait and the study concluded that women who took the time to consciously enjoy their morning make-up routine were more open to flirtation and new relationships.

So next time you’re sitting in front of your mirror, try not to view it as yet another task to be checked off before you leave the house. Slow down, be mindful of how your make-up routine you feel and embrace the potential positive effects it can have on your life.