Just a Little Ritual

Newborn babies thrive on a daily sequence of events. When life is predictable with regular and dependable schedules babies tend to feel safe and comfortable and they fuss and cry less. Offering daily routines and a special baby night time ritual, give parents a beautiful way to bond with their newborns and children and creating rituals is one of the most respectful and empowering things you can do for your children and yourself.

When life has been enriched with a little bundle of joy, parents often feel overwhelmed by lack of sleep and rhythm. The sooner you establish a routine the sooner you’ll enjoy its advantages. Because the small daily acts of washing and caring for your baby can have a profound effect on your baby’s well being.


One of the best ways to unwind a fussy baby and calm her down is to adopt a bath ritual every evening at the same time. A warm bath can be soothing and sleep inducing and if you follow it up with a gentle baby massage it’s even better. If you are consistent with your night time routine, over time your baby will learn to associate them with bedtime.


Before you fill the bath put all the needed accessories in place and within reach so you won’t need to take the baby out of the water because you forgot to bring a towel or the baby wash. And whatever you do, never leave your baby unattended in the bath or on the dressing table.

Fill a bath with warm water and test it with your elbow before you place your infant in the tub to prevent nasty burning accidents. Gently wash your baby with a mild pleasantly fragranced cleanser using a soft cloth. Fragrances are know to influence the mind. Some are energizing while others are relaxing. Select a softly scented fragrance because a strong scent could make your baby active or irritated.

If your baby has a lot of hair use our soft gentle and mild baby shampoo. Rinse the shampoo thoroughly to prevent build up on your baby’s scalp.

When you’re finished take your little one slowly out of the bath and gently pat him/her dry with a soft towel. While you towel him or her dry, speak softly or sing a lullaby. Afterwards use a baby lotion or baby oil and slowly and gently massage skin allover, paying special attention to hands and feet. Dress your infant and give him/her a feeding, this will often also help to wind baby down.

And finally to conclude your baby night time ritual use a bed and linen spray especially developed for babies to create a soothing atmosphere. Once baby is drowsy put her to bed. Try to prevent her from falling a sleep in your arms, because before you know it this becomes a habit and she will find it hard to doze off on his/her own.

If you find that your baby becomes active or feels invigorated after the bath instead of becoming relaxed it goes without saying that this might be a routine better reserved for the morning. Maybe then it’s best to focus on a massage. Simply find out what relaxes your infant best. But more than anything enjoy this special time with your little love!

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