Samurai Magic Shave

The Ritual of Samurai Magic Shave

shaving cream, 300 ml
Previously known as Samurai Secret
Take a cue from the ancient Samurai and ensure you start your day groomed to perfection. The Samurai Magic Shave provides extra ... Show more
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Basil is regarded as one of the most sacred herbs in India, often considered “the king of herbs.” Basil leaves are remarkable due to their elegance, sweetness and spiciness. Basil offers antioxidant, astringent and moisturising properties and has a revitalising effect on the skin.


This famous 'Yang' root from the Far East is a symbol of masculinity and immortality. Ginseng is therefore also known as ' the root of life'.

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The Ritual of Samurai

Groomed to perfection

Unleash your inner warrior and prepare yourself to conquer any challenge.

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