The Ritual of Ayurveda Refill Fragrance Sticks

The Ritual of Ayurveda Refill Fragrance Sticks


reed diffuser refill with sticks, 230 ml
Your home and the planet in perfect harmony. This perfume refill for The Ritual of Ayurveda fragrance sticks comes in a recyclab ... Show more
225,00 kr

Indian Rose

As a universal symbol of purity and love, the sweet and delicate aroma of the rose evokes positive feelings. Its aroma also has soothing properties. It is all you need to boost your mood! The refined aroma of Indian Rose also has a positive effect on your skin!

How to Use

Arrange the sticks in the bottle. Turning the sticks is not necessary, and may result in a shorter fragrance experience.

The Ritual of Ayurveda

Awaken inner harmony

Create more balance in your life by embracing the ancient art of living wisely.

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