5 ways to Use Sunglow

We all have that one product that occupies a permanent place in our make-up bag. The one we use every day, hope it will always be available in stores and recommend to all our friends. Well, time to start whatsapping all your fashionable besties, because Rituals has the ultimate must-have for anybody wanting to show off radiant skin this spring: The Sunglow Blush Powder.

While Sunglow is described as a blush, it’s actually so much more. In fact, what makes it the star of every make-up collection is its extreme versatility. Not only does it add shimmering colour to your cheeks, it can also be used as a dazzling accent to the eyes. Continue reading to discover five ways Sunglow will enhance your make-up routine and become your new go-to product.

1. Swirl the colours together for a healthy glow

Depending on whether you use the Sunglow Peach or Sunglow Pink, swiping a brush through all of the different shades and applying to your face will add a gorgeous blush and/or a bronzing effect to your skin. Feeling pale and under the weather? A touch of Sunglow will help you look much better than you feel.

2. All eyes on you

Because of its multi-coloured palette, Sunglow also makes an excellent eyeshadow. Brush the individual shades in Pink or Peach onto your eyelids to bring out your eye colour and make them shimmer.

3. Highlight your natural beauty

Give your bone structure a helping hand by using the lightest shades of Sunglow at the top of your cheekbones.  This will highlight them and make them more pronounced.

4. Look alive

We’ve all rummaged through our handbags in search of something to pep up our appearance when morning comes too early. By using the lightest shade of Sunglow in the inner corner of your eyes and/or the top of the brow bone, you instantly appear more alert and awake.

5. Perfect the imperfections

If you’re like most of us, there are aspects of your face you’re not entirely happy with. Sunglow is an exceptional contouring tool that sculpts your face by creating more angles. If you think your nose is too wide, a small line of Sunglow applied to the bridge of the nose will make it appear narrower.

How can anybody who wears make-up resist the multi-faceted gift of Sunglow? Try it out today and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.