Step Out of Your Work Flow and Step Up Your Relaxation

We know you’ve been daydreaming about this moment for months, but now that it’s almost here, suddenly there’s your final and biggest to-do. Are you able to leave your desk, completely shut down and step into vacation mode? With these some simple steps, you’re that much closer to your holiday.


Stay off the clock

Are you normally reachable on a 24/7 basis? This is obviously not something you want to experience while on the beach. It’s such an ingrained behaviour to check our various devices, however, that it can be difficult to stop cold turkey. That’s why we suggest that a few weeks before you leave, start choosing set times outside of working hours when you shut your work phone/laptop/etc off and simply be unavailable. You might have extra messages waiting for you in the morning, but it will prove to you that not every work communication is urgent.


Enlist your BFF to call you out when you’re chaotic

Chances are that as your holiday approaches, more and more potential emergencies are popping into your head. Rather than discussing all the doom scenarios, ask your best work friend to be a sounding board. Tell her that whenever you start to spiral out of control, she should remind you that the building won’t burn down while you’re gone and you should focus on the amazing weeks of relaxation ahead.


Spoil the senses with something unusual

There are certain activities we don’t engage in during the work week that are perfectly normal while you’re on holiday. When your stress levels are rising, it’s a good idea to practice a bit of holiday fun while still at home: eat an extended, delicious dinner on a terrace, for example. And while you’re at it…what the heck, have that decadent dessert. Even taking an extra long shower with a fragrant foam that reminds you of the islands can put your senses at ease and help you step out of your work flow. It doesn’t have to be complicated; it just has to be relaxing.

Remember, you earned this holiday by working hard all year. You may be overwhelmed by leaving your everyday work routines for a while, but if you take the abovementioned things into consideration, you’ll notice that you’ve already flipped a mental switch to vacation mode. So start practicing how to relax, and enjoy your holiday even more!