An Interview with Swedish Actress Cecilia Forss

Cecilia Forss, otherwise known as Cissi Forss, is a Swedish actress and author. Living and working in Stockholm, she made her debut in the film Simple Simon in 2010. Since 2012, she has been a goodwill ambassador for the Child Cancer Foundation.


In general, do you feel you’ve found the right balance between work and life?

Not really. It's hard when you have a very creative job. Your head is always working on something, you know.


After a busy week, what do you do to slow down?

Eating something delicious and watching TV series.


How do you feel about the concept of Ayurveda?

I have a very positive feeling about Ayurveda. I think the concept makes sense. I'm very curious about it! 



What is your dosha? Which tips do you plan on incorporating into your daily routine to balance this energy?

I'm a Vata. I will definitely add the daily meditation into my life, for sure! 


In your opinion, what is the most important aspect of Ayurveda and why?

Meditation. It helps you listen to your body! And your soul. It will calm you down but also energize you and help you to follow your food and training schedule. 


What is your favourite quote?

Embrace your weirdness.


Can you tell us about your daily ritual?

All my days are different from each other. But a perfect morning is when I wake up early and head to my gym on my bike. Having a great workout and after that an amazing breakfast. Alone. I love to be alone when I choose to be.  After that I'm always more than ready to embrace the day! 


What is your favorite place in your home?

My couch. It's big, comfy and relaxing.