The Ritual of Banyu Water Bottle
Limited Edition

The Ritual of Banyu Water Bottle

limited edition drink bottle with gemstones

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  • Description

    A limited edition drink bottle with beautiful gemstones which enliven your water in a special way

    Since ancient times, gemstones have been known for their unique energy charge. This bottle has a gemstone combination which helps you improve your daily tap or filtered water using the energy from the gemstones. A unique and gorgeous way to stay hydrated

    These unique gemstones are designed to transform your water and to support your mind, body and & soul.
    Aquamarine means "water from the sea" and is regarded as a symbol for beauty, balance and purity, just like a refreshing dip in the ocean.
    Rock crystal is known for its energy giving and purifying effects. In general, it is said that rock crystal strengthens the body’s self-healing ability

    Inner purity is also visible on the outside

    The bottle is BPA-free and easy to clean because the bottle is composed of handy separate parts which are dishwasher safe.
    Volume is 750 ml
  • Instructions

    Fill the drink bottle containing the gemstone combination with water and leave for at least half an hour. The water can be drunk directly from the bottle and has a mild to strong effect. Leaving it for longer is fine, but always refresh the water within 24 hours.
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The Ritual of Banyu Water Bottle