The Ritual of Holi Rubber Mask The Ritual of Holi Rubber Mask

The Ritual of Holi Rubber Mask


rubber mask, 2x 45 g / 2x 3.5 gr
The most fun and funky mask you'll ever have! It's the ultimate skin detox, designed to get rid of impurities and make you giggl ... Show more


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White Lily

White Lily is a symbol of purity of innocence, thanks to its the important role it played in Greek and Roman mythology. The complex, aromatic notes of the White Lily provide a rich, warm and mysterious scent.

Peach Blossom

Peach Blossom is renewing and is well known for its detoxifying properties. It is a symbol of renewal, vitality and youth. In traditional medicine, the flowers were used to hydrate and illuminate the skin. Peach Blossom is well known as an antioxi-dant and detoxifying agent.

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How to Use

Apply the mix to cleansed skin with gentle, circular motions. Leave thicker edges to make them easier to peel off later. Leave on for 15-40 minutes, depending on your needs.

The Ritual of Holi


Life is meant to be fun, not serious. You are meant to be real, not perfect. To spark tons of happiness, we give you The Ritual of Holi. This brand new, innovative collection is packed with fantabulous bath and beauty products that colour your world with a rainbow of sweet, fragrant love. Because you are Holi awesome, just the way you are.

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