The Ritual of Jing Dry Oil


dry oil body & hair, 100 ml
Relax and calm your body and mind with the long-lasting and relaxing fragrance of The Ritual of Jing Dry Oil. Based on the essen ... Show more
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Sacred Wood

Precious wood is used as incense material by the Chinese in worship. Sandalwood essential oil is also known to clear and focus the mind for meditation.


Lavender's calming scent soothes the soul and provides ultimate relaxation for your skin before you go to sleep.

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How to Use

Massage generously into your skin before bed, preferably right after your shower for optimal hydration. Allow the product to dry properly before getting dressed. Use it as an overnight treatment for soft and sleek hair.

The Ritual of Jing

Your path to inner peace

Escape the hectic pace of everyday life through deep relaxation and restful sleep.

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