The Ritual of Samurai Face Moisturizing Gel-Cream Refill


refill hydrating face cream, 50 ml
Choose the eco-friendly refill option for your 24 h active hydration face cream and invigorate your skin while being kind to the ... Show more


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Wakame Kelp

Wakame, or Japanese kelp, is a type of seaweed native to the Sea of Japan. It contains high concentrations of essential minerals and vitamin B. This unique composition helps protect the skin from the negative effects of pollution and improves suppleness and elasticity.


Sake is rich in enzymes, which gently exfoliate the outer layers while respecting the moisture barrier of the skin. It also has antioxidant properties and helps maintain the skin’s natural barrier against external influences.

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How to Use

Place the refill into the original container by first unscrewing the ring under the pump and removing the empty container. Click in the refill, secure the ring and you're to go!

The Ritual of Samurai

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