The Ritual of Samurai Cooling Shower Gel 70ml


cooling shower gel, 70 ml
Work out then chill out with The Ritual of Samurai ice shower, designed to give you the ultimate cleanse and cooldown after spor ... Show more


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Bamboo symbolises many moral qualities such as determination, flexibility, and resistance. Bamboo nourishes the skin and has a bright, fresh scent. It is an ideal ingredient for exfoliation.

Japanese mint

The oil derived from Japanese mint is lightweight and penetrates the skin’s surface very quickly with a powerful and invigorating effect. Its aroma is known to refresh the senses and help you keep a clear mind.

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How to Use

For optimal cooling: apply shower gel outside the shower and then rinse off. N.B. the longer you wait, the more cooling it becomes!

The Ritual of Samurai

Groomed to perfection

Unleash your inner warrior and prepare yourself to conquer any challenge.

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