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With its exclusive and luxury range of hotel amenities and dispensers, Rituals is the ideal partner for hotels wanting to provide a unique, relaxing and sustainable experience for guests.

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Browse through our inspiring brochure to see how you can experience a warm and inviting atmosphere with the Rituals luxury hotel collection.
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Hotel Amenities

Our exclusive and luxury range of hotel amenities makes a world of difference for your guests' entire customer journey. Let your guests recharge and refresh, from arrival to departure.

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Luxury Dispensers

Enrich your guests' entire stay with a touch of everyday indulgence in the form of our luxury dispensers in The Ritual of Jing, The Ritual of Mehr or The Ritual of Karma.

Rituals tea ceremony

Fragrance Solutions

A beautiful scent can inspire and conjure wonderful memories. Choose from our range of fragrances to elevate the customer experience in each room.

Tea Ceremony

Delight your guests by serving exquisite tea. The sensation of the warm cup in their hands and the smell of the fragrant tea will help guests slow down and relax.

VIP Gifts

Pamper your guests with a little gift especially for them. Help them remember their stay with you in a very special way.


Your guests can wind down or re-energise with our guided meditations and yoga and pilates videos.

Rituals Hotel Yoga

Retail Products & Gifts

As an extra service, you can offer a selected assortment of Rituals products – available for purchase at reception.

Rituals Hotel tower
Discover more about Rituals becoming a b-corp due to our sustainability efforts.

Sustainable Wellbeing

All Rituals hotel amenity collections are vegan friendly and sustainably produced with recycled materials. All products contain ingredients of over 90% natural origin.
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