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Our 10% Profit Pledge

Better the Balance

For 25 years Rituals has been inspiring customers to find more balance in life by turning everyday routines into more meaningful moments. Unfortunately, the world today is off-balance and it's up to us all to improve this while we can. We want to take more responsibility and that's why we’re re-thinking the way we do business. Therefore we've introduced the profit pledge.

From 2025 onwards, we commit to spend 10% of our net profit of the previous year (e.g. in 2025, we commit to spend 10% of our net profit of 2024).

Sacred Forests

The indigenous Arhuaco community have been protecting their land in Colombia for as long as anyone can remember. This area contains some of the world's most bio-diverse rainforests, which are hugely important in the fight against climate change. Sadly over time, a lot of this land has been taken from them due to activities like logging and mining. We are sponsoring the Arhuaco to help them reclaim, reforest and protect their land for generations to come. We do so in partnership with the conservation enterprise Sacred Forests.


Super Chill

What if we started to teach kids how to build their mental resilience from a young age? That's exactly what the Super Chill foundation is trying to do. Super Chill is a free, easy-to-use app for kids aged 6+. Using fun, accessible games and exercises like yoga, meditation, mindfulness and breathwork, the app teaches children to identify and express emotions and build mental resilience. They want to encourage kids to see their mind as their superpower – something they can use to transform moments of discomfort into moments of chill. With their mission to reach 10 million children, they hope to build a future generation of kids with a healthy and positive mindset.


Tiny Miracles

Rituals is the founding partner and proud supporter of Tiny Miracles since 2011. The Tiny Miracles foundation has an important mission: to help find a scalable solution to end poverty and inspire others to do the same. Our co-designed products, handmade by the women of Tiny Miracles in Mumbai, India, provide life-changing income, healthcare and education for them and their families.