The Ritual of Sakura Tea

The Ritual of Sakura Renewing Green Tea


Sakura tea, 50 gr
Cleanse your body from the inside out and help focus your mind with this renewing green tea enriched with sweet rose leaves. Ric ... Show more
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The Ritual of Sakura Renewing Green Tea

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Green Tea

Uncured green tea helps to remove toxins and boost the immune system. The unique aroma of unfermented green tea has purifying, soothing and stimulating properties.

Pink rose petals

Originating in Asia, several species of roses have been used in herbal and folk medicines. In Chinese traditional medicine, they are mostly associated with settling the stomach. Beautiful and delicate, rose petals were used in ancient Rome to symbolize devotion to the goddess Venus.

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How to Use

Boil fresh water. Let the tea steep for up to 3 minutes to unfold its natural flavour.

The Ritual of sakura

Make every day feel like a new beginning and rejuvenate mind, body & soul.

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