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Premium Fragrance Families

The Fresh

If it is the smell of zesty, juicy notes and spicy, aromatic woods that invigorate and energise you, then you'll love the fragrances in the Fresh Family. Bright compositions of vibrant cologne and citrus accords, sublimated by subtle green notes and elegant touches of woods.

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Premium Fragrance Families

The Orientals

Vanilla, musk, cinnamon and cardamom, all rich, sweet and warm. Dive into an array of gourmand notes, darkened by smoky and leathery accords, warmed by elegant spices and rounded by creamy tones.

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Premium Fragrance Families

The Sensuals

For fans of soft, powdery, sweet, musky and creamy tones. These fragrances are a combination of warm balmy notes and exquisite gourmand hints, sublimated by spices and sensual aromatic accords.

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Premium Fragrance Families

The Florals

Treat your senses to delicate floral bouquets, conjuring up garden parties and spring blossoms, enlightened by joyful fruity notes and warmed by soft woods and sensual white musk accords.

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Premium Fragrance Families

The Woods

A collection of elegant multi-faceted woods like sandalwood, adorned with warm and creamy accords, or a dash of spice and maybe a sweet floral note to tickle the senses.

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LIIKMETELE Saate luksusliku kingituse omal valikul, kui kulutate veel € 60,00.


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LIIKMETELE Saate luksusliku kingituse omal valikul, kui kulutate veel € 60,00.

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