Get to know Evy Gruyaert

Evy Gruyaert gained fame as a television presenter and a contributor to sport programmes like 'Start2Run'. You may also know her from her famous phrase 'I'm so proud of you'. These days, most people know her as a yoga guru. Her first introduction to the sport came after she suffered a serious knee injury that forced her to stop exercising.

In addition to her own book, Evy also launched a platform called Yoga met Evy and created with Ritals a special Yoga Challenge exclusively for My Rituals members.


Is there a side of you most people don't know about?

Maybe my serious side? Most people know me as the good-natured, athletic Start2Run lady, but I also have moments when I feel down and out. Like everyone, I sometimes struggle with the rat race that is today's society, but fortunately my optimism wins out and I have enough positive energy to face all challenges and setbacks...


Do you have any personal habits?

Washing my face every morning and evening and eating breakfast; I can't start the day without a delicious and nutritious meal! That and putting my children to bed at night.

At the end of the day, we always play 'the game', as my four-year-old son refers to it: we take turns sharing our favourite three things about that day. I love this little moment we have, and the big hug and kiss I get before he goes to sleep.


Life is what happens when you’re making other plans.

You have two young children and a busy job. How do you create me-time?

I make time for myself by scheduling a half hour into my agenda every day and sticking to it no matter what. This could be a half hour of yoga, a half hour walking in nature, a short stroll, soaking up the sun while enjoying the smell of summer, or enjoying my breakfast while reading the newspaper after I've dropped off my children off at school and day care. I don't do anything particularly special during this time, but it's special nonetheless.


How often do you do yoga?

Whenever I can. I try to go two to three times a week, but it doesn't necessarily have to be an hour. Even five minutes of yoga – three sun salutations when you wake up, for example – is enough to give you an instant energy boost!


A short breathing exercise or a fifteen-minute walk can work wonders!

Why should other people do yoga?

Because it makes you feel good; it helps you get to know yourself better and improves your physical and mental wellbeing. There's a type of yoga for everyone.