Discover how candlelight meditation brightens up your mind

Meditation is an excellent way to improve concentration and let go of stress. Whether you’re brand new to it or looking for a way to enhance your practice, shedding some light on meditation using the relaxing nature of candles is a great option.


Why candlelight meditation?

Anybody familiar with meditation knows about mantras, but something magical can happen when you choose to focus on a physical thing rather than words you speak aloud. It can actually make it easier to release the day’s stress and empty your mind of distractions when your eyes are focused on a beautiful, flickering flame. When the candle you’re staring at gives off a relaxing scent it adds another sensory dimension to your meditation and can help you further.


How to do it in 5 steps

1. First prepare your meditation space. Because this particular practice involves candlelight, you’ll want to make sure there’s as little competing light as possible. Turn off your lamps and draw the curtains. The room’s temperature should also be accommodating, so you can focus purely on the meditation and not be distracted by being too warm or too cold.


2. Now light a candle. It’s best to place it at eye level or slightly below and around 50 cm away. It’s important that you can sit comfortably for a while: as long as your back and head are mostly straight, you’re doing it right. Where you sit depends on personal preference; both the floor or your favourite chair are good options.



3. Simply focus on the flickering flame and allow this single image to occupy your mind. We know this is easier said than done, but eventually your head will get to a quiet place. Your eyes may water during this stage, but again, whenever you feel distracted, refocus and let go.


4. As with all meditation, breathing plays a very important role. Imagine you are inhaling and exhaling the candlelight. As you fixate further on the flame, become more and more aware of the natural rhythm of your breath.


5. By now you should feel a sensation that the candlelight is flowing into you as you inhale and exhale it. Welcome a sense of clarity and a purification of both body and mind while you finish the meditation.


An easy alternative to candlelight meditation

If you feel you’re not for this type of practice, that’s okay. You may prefer to keep your eyes closed, for example, or be guided by somebody’s voice. If you need some extra help getting started, we recommend this simple meditation designed by expert Deborah.